[ brief ]
In this course you will learn and practice the python programming language
Python is one of the most common programming languages in the world
python is being used as the prime AI and data analysis programming language
and even games modes for games such as minecraft
or add on for programs like blender
we recommend python as a first programming language for children
or beginners

The learning is combined with a story
and during the course the children will learn
to encode and decode encrypted messages
The course is designed for children in the ages 8-16
no preliminary knowledge in programming is required
Your child will be able to program application and scripts in python
and will have the preliminary knowledge for cyber studies
  1. mathematical functions
  2. libraries
  3. variables
  4. operators
  5. user inputs
  6. conversions
  7. strings
  8. functions and methods
  9. scope
  10. conditions
  11. loops
  12. lists
  13. data structures
  14. classes and oop
  15. files
  16. error handling
  17. python env installation
  18. the interpreter
  19. projects