[ brief ]
In this course you will learn and practice the advanced Java script programming methods
You will extend your knowledge in the language
Learn to work with interfaces libraries and open source
that enable you to develop more complex applications more rapidly
The course is designed for children in the ages 11-16
that finished the following courses
Java Script course
HTML course
You will be able to program complex and advanced application and games in java Script
will learn to plan and execute
to disassemble complex problem to parts and handle each individually
  1. introduction
  2. switch
  3. for each
  4. arrow functions
  5. optional parameters
  6. logical operators
  7. types
  8. conversions
  9. InstanceOf
  10. Prototype
  11. Regular expressions
  12. Callback functions
  13. Async
  14. Promise
  15. DOM
  16. dynamic elements
  17. interfaces and libraries
  18. open source
  19. projects