java script
[ brief ]
In this course you will learn and practice the Java script programming language
Java Script is the most common programming language in the world
Its being used for building websites applications and game for the web
In Java Script you can also program changes and mods for common games as minecraft for example
The developed applications can run on every device with a browser
The course is designed for children in the ages 8-16
no preliminary knowledge in programming is required
Your child will be able to program application and games in java Script
If its his or her first programming language
logical thinking structural thinking and problem-solving
will be added to their set of skills for life
  1. variables
  2. mathematics operations
  3. strings
  4. conditions
  5. loops
  6. arrays
  7. functions
  8. system functions
  9. objects
  10. constructor function
  11. timers
  12. user input
  13. images
  14. animations
  15. video
  16. introduction to HTML
  17. introduction to CSS
  18. projects